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Welcome to Xtreme Tire Co.

Now stocking UTV Sand Tires and Wheels.

We are proud to be supplying Skat-Trak with the new carcass being used for the 30x11-14 & 30x13-14 Xtreme sand tires. This carcass, after being buffed by Skat-Trak is truly 29" to 30" tall; while weighing considerably less than the competitions sand tire, even in a smaller size!!

If you are looking for sand tires; paddle tires for your UTV, sand car, sand rail, dune buggy, jeep, truck or whatever you may have that uses a 15" or 17" wheel; you have come to the right place.
Xtreme Tire Co located in Phoenix, AZ has been providing sand tires; paddle tires for over 15 years.
Our MADE IN THE USA sand tires; paddle tires are sold throughout the world.  
We offer five different front sand tires and ten different rear paddle tires.
In addition to our own brand of tires; we now stock UTV sand tires, paddle tires from Skat-Trak, DWT and GMZ.  Also, wheels from STI, GMZ, DWT and wheel blanks from Custom Metal Spinning; CMS, that we have powder coated black, then machined with a cutout design and bolt pattern drilled for a lightweight, .190 spun aluminum wheel.

Remember, we now have sand tires for your Polaris, CanAm, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Arctic Cat
RZR, Ranger, Maverick, Teryx, Rhino and more.

Just click on the tab above for more information on the product(s) you may be interested in.

If you need any further assistance choosing the best sand tire; paddle tire for your application just
give us a call at 602 652-0323.  We are happy to help!


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